Ajax/Php Command Shell

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AJAX/PHP command shell by Ironfist (ironwarez.info)
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Highslide JS

v0.5 => more fun(ctions)
|Tabs, easy to add :-)
|Upload function
|Change directory function
=> This is a very cool function, you can change the directory where you want to execute your commands, it will be stored in a session.
=> Has a script-dir function (is clickable, no copy&paste shit)
|Filebrowser tab, oh dear, this is a really hard part, will probally be available in like, version 1.0 :-P

v0.4 => this is more like the way I wanted it
| History function (omg this is so cool xD)
=> Possible to click on the history, command will be loaded into Command input screen
=> "Clear history" custom command added
|Some design changes, added titles to the tabs.

v0.3 => Huge changes :-)
|Directory listing when everything is disabled.
|Can-I-run function, will control some server variables.
| Open ports function
| Running processes function
|Function management / buttons now work with one array to make life easier :-)
|Added alternatives to passthru(exec, shell_exec, system)

v0.2 => added password protection, auto-clear (thanks to CHRiSNEW) of the command input line.
v0.1 => first release, function management has been updated, works easier now. Huge block of dumb code removed
<0.1 => core stuff created, white theme replaced by a black one, some simple functions added.

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