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    [雪 February 2, 2008 10:29 | by ]
在幻影那看到的,以后做项目中可能要用到,先放上来,一个 Oracle 密码的破解工具,cmd 下运行。。

Today Laszlo has released a new version of his Oracle password cracker
woraauthbf. The latest version includes a number of new features and also
some bug fixes. The version 0.21 features and fixes taken straight from the
release.txt file are:

Main errors

* It calculated the possible number of password in the bf mode as
26^6 instead of 26+26^2+26^3 ... etc. It checked less than the
possible number of passwords.

* There was a problem in the bin to hex conversation function. It
caused problems with certain hashes and affected the authentication
functions. It did not affect the hash function.

* There were some problems in the concurrent data access in the
authentication functions. It was found when more than three threads
were running.


* Test the user names and permutations of the user names as password
* If there is a default.txt it loads and checks it as the list of default
passwords. The included default.txt was generated from the site

The binary <>
version of woraauthbf is available here for Windows and the source code
<>  of
woraauthbf is available here.

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